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Colonel and Staff,
Hello I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. The 3 weeks Cori spent with you was a wake up call for my son. He definitely was a respectful young man when I received him back, and much more helpful around the house. We started going to church a few weeks before camp and he was not that happy about it, but about 2 weeks after camp he decided to become a born again Christian all on his own. he was enjoying church for the first time in his life.  He said he wanted to go to heaven. At the same time I also became a born again Christian. And we are not arguing nearly as much as we use to life has been much more pleasant. And I wanted to make sure that you get credit for what you did for me and my son. You were the first stepping stones for him to open his eyes and to see what he was doing was wrong and taking the steps to correct it on his own. Also, He doesn't ever want to touch cigs or pot ever again. And this year in school he is in health class where they are reinforcing the negative effects of drugs.
 I am so grateful.  I would recommend you for any struggling teenager and/or young man. Thank you Lisa


Dear Colonel Weierman,

just a HUGE thank you for what you have done with Daniel.  He sees a different way of seeing life and seems to have learned to be happy in it.  He is being sooooooo good and so much fun to be around.  Having 3 kids he took up most of our time getting into trouble and he is the oldest.  He has had a great attitude and also helpful.  We are so going to continue what he has learned and my prayers for him was to grow up and learn to do simple things without an attitude and now he knows he can do so much more.

One more thing, he was so difficult with food and now he eats so many more things, healthy veggies and fruit and will try things that he realizes that he likes, which make eating together so much more fun.

Your camp victory is exactly what we were looking for and we feel very blessed he has had this opportunity to be there and grow as a young man.

It truly is life changing.

When we got up sun after picking him up he was in our kitchen emptying the dishwasher and cleaning, just one of the great moments we have shared in these few days, he takes the trash out, no problem and I know this is just the beginning of great things for his life.

Again, camp victory is a life changing experience to teach respect, honor and at this age before they are teenagers I can't imagine had we not found your camp.

God Bless you all and just a huge thank you for helping him grow so much.




Hello Colonel,
I wanted to write to thank you, and to give you an update on how my son, Clay, is doing.
The transformation in him since he attended your camp is phenomenal.  You can see if you read his application that some of the reasons we wanted him in the camp were his disrespect for authority, especially the authority of his parents, extremely poor grades, sassing, getting in trouble with friends and hanging out with the wrong crowd.
I'm VERY proud to say he has come around 180 degrees!  He has 5 A's in school, ALL 100% or higher. He also has one B and one C, no D's or F's. That is up from 5 F's at the end of last year. We knew he is intelligent and can do it, but he just didn't care the last two years.   He is no longer calling me stupid. He feels the need to work for whatever he gets. He doesn't like to take anything without working for it.
His birthday was September 11 and all he wanted were items from the website.
I told him I received the survey from Camp Victory and that you asked if he would be back. I told him I put no because he is too old.  He said he would like to go back, but not in the same capacity!  I guess he would much rather help than go through the camp! 
Finally, his history teacher from last year goes to our church. She was sitting in front of us Sunday and I leaned up to tell her how well Clay is doing. After Clay walked away, she told me "parent to parent because she knows Clay would never actually tell us this", that he had come to her room last week to tell her how he was doing, and that he was beaming about it. He then told her his parents sent him to a camp this summer and that he was really glad we did because it really changed him. Wow.  That's huge, when CLAY admits THAT.  He really did enjoy all of it, except PIT.
I want to thank you for what you did for especially my son but also my entire family.  It is so much more enjoyable to parent a child who listens and tries to get good grades. 
You will likely see his little brother in the future!
Thanks again,


"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a terrific job I think you all are doing.  When I started looking for a Military School/Program for my son, Drew, I was nervous about sending him away with people I had never met before.  However, when I walked into the Community Center for his orientation and to drop him off, I felt instantly at ease and assured that I had made the correct decision.  Your cadets greeted my family in a very respectful and friendly manner and Mrs. Weierman was as helpful in person as she was over the phone.

I really enjoyed how straight-forward and informative the orientation was that day.  It reminded me exactly WHY I had made the phone call to Camp Victory to begin with.  There was no sugar-coating or making things sound pretty.  We had aboy who needed help before he got himself into deeper trouble than he could handle. 

Now, 4 weeks (and 5 letters) later, my son remembers and uses his manners.  He says Please and Thank You and even uses the word maíam.  He knows when he is doing wrong and all it takes is a look from me to get him back on track.  I am extremely pleased with the effect your program has had on Drew.  He carries himself differently now.  His head is held higher and all of his friends think it is so cool that he can do the push-ups and that he has a dog tag.  He also recites the 7 core values to them.  THIS IS GREAT!

 If I had to put it into simple words, I think you are working miracles every day with every child.  I understand that some children need more than 3 weeks, but for those on the brink of going in the wrong directionÖTHIS IS PERFECT! You have turned my disrespectful son into a pleasant young man.  For that, I cannot say THANK YOU enough."

P.S.  Letís hope he wonít have to see you again on the same terms! J


Brittany Stemmler



"Hello Colonel Weierman, My son Raymond Bailey went to your camp this summer and graduated in June I just wanted to command your team on the great job you have done, he came back a new person. I was waiting until school started to see if it really worked and it sure has, I contacted Raymondís teacher to check on his progress and this is what she said:

ďI am enjoying having Raymond in my class. His behavior has been great! He makes good choices and follows classroom rules. He definitely likes to tell stories and I have heard many about boot camp, fishing, and football-some of the things that he definitely enjoysĒ So here is the proof, thanks so much for your efforts, if I could afford it I sure would send my 9yr old lets see what the summer brings. I even saw all the campers on the front page of the Treasure Coast HUB newspaper. I would recommend anyone with a son who was going in the direction that Raymond was going to your camp. Camp Victory is the best! I will email you now and then and let you know his progress if you do not mind. I think you could straighten boys out over a 3 day weekend program, again great job God bless take care.

  Veronia & Raymond Bailey



Hi Molly and Colonel Weierman!

Wow, itís been 2 weeks since you sent my son back (or an alien canít quite figure out if itís him or not).  Iíve been wanting to write every day to thank you and each day I hear, see, experience one more thing with Sammy that has to do with his camp experience!  Everything you said happened!  He came home a new young man and it was a life changing experience for him.  He said he will never complain about his life again.  Colonel he talks about you all the time, he has the highest respect for you.  Heís told me your story, he told me about church on Sundayís and how much he enjoyed the singing and what you had to say.  ďIf things aren't going your way, change what you are doingĒ.  Everything you instilled in him are things Iíve been trying to teach him (of course coming from your mom isnít always as effective).  Heís had some fair male influences at school, but nothing like you.  His teachers are much too liberal. This is just what we all needed.  I still canít get over it.  Heís so proud to be sporting his high and tight (just like the colonel) for his first day of high school tomorrow.  He shared with us that when he wants to date he needs to ask the parents first.  Believe me everything stuck.  We are even having bacon day once a week.  I feel like I know some of the fellow campers, he tells so many stories about them.

He has so much self control now and respect.  He has been able to walk away from confrontations with his siblings.  He used to be a chronic complainer and I havenít heard any complaining until yesterday and it was extremely minor.

I tried to prepare him for what camp was like and it still wasnít enough, because he said the first few days was not what he expected, but he said he ended up really liking it and would like to go back next year.  He said he wanted to go back to do some of the things that he didnít get a chance to experience due to non-compliance of others.  I told him he could be in the same boat next year.  Have you ever thought about having a camp for returners?  Even if itís for a shorter period of time?  Or over holiday break?  Or maybe we can rent the colonel for a long weekend or 2? J  Iím serious about some type of return.  Sammy was a good kid, I knew he had so much more in him Ė Youíve made this single mom of 4 children so happy and proud.

Sammy finally understands my situation and what Iíve been trying to show/tell him for a number of years.

  Like I said before, I left the orientation and had a huge weight taken off me once I realized the colonel really had the boys best interest at heart.  It was so great to know that he understands what us mothers go through and how hard it is leaving our boys in someone elseís hands.  My friends and family were surprised at how well I handled my 3 weeks.

Once again, I canít thank you and your staff enough.  Itís almost hard to believe how happy my son is.  Totally different outlook on life.

Let me know about any additional camps!!

Prayers for you and your family tonight!  

Jodie Sullivan