Camp Victory, a Military Adventure camp for boys in Florida.
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Code of Conduct

Loyalty- I will be loyal to God, my family and my country.

Duty- I will fulfill all my obligations and responsibilities.

Respect- I will treat others the way they should be treated regardless of how they treat me.

Self Sacrifice- I will place the welfare of others, my family and my country ahead of my own.

Honor- I will live up to the values of the Bible and Southeastern. I will honor my father, my mother and all those in authority over me.

Integrity- I will do what is right legally, morally and scripturally.

Personal Courage-  I will face fear, danger and adversity from any and all foes and I will be victorious.







United States Special Forces Association
Camp Victory 
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 Camp Victory is a boys camp with a 18000 acre facility located in Central Florida. We offer Summer Camps, Winter Camps, School Break Camps and Short Term Intervention Camps



3-Week Session   . . $2000   early enrollment discount price

$2500 after April 15

3-Week Session   . . $2000 early enrollment discount price

$2500 after April 15


         Camp Victory is a 3 week intense wilderness camp specializing in working with children and youth. with ADD, ADHD and Behavioral Problems.



MISSION: Camp Victory  offers Summer, Winter, Intervention and Short Term Residential Wilderness Camps for boys 8-17 who lack self confidence or who are experiencing behavioral problems in their families or schools.

It is based on the fundamental principles of honesty, teamwork, faith and courage. These ideals bring young men back to the basics and teach them the importance of respect. It is operated in a wilderness setting with minimal conveniences, which serves to maximize opportunities to search one�s heart and learn respect and purpose for life.

Recruits are challenged to build their own shelters, prepare their own food, and participate in physical and mental competitions that build self-respect and teamwork.

OBJECTIVE: CV utilizes a military style outpost camp to instill in these young men a sense of self discipline, self worth, honor, courage and respect for families, authority and our country.

DESCRIPTION:   Camp Victory  is a short-term, intense, wilderness Boarding Camp designed to help strong-willed boys overcome learning difficulties and behavioral habits that contribute to a path of self-destruction. Conducted during the summer months, it will teach boys how to respect authority and trust others while building on their own personal strengths.

 Each boy will have the opportunity to:                                                                            

� Work cooperatively in a small group;

� Use higher-level thinking skills to solve real-life problems;

� Receive individualized instruction and guidance services.

CV is a wilderness style survival camp that gives young men the opportunity to grow and teaches them the importance of teamwork. It is operated in a wilderness setting with minimal conveniences, which serves to maximize opportunities for the youth to learn to appreciate the things that their families provide.                                                                                                                                                                                            

CV�s goal is to help youth recognize their poor decision-making skills, learn how to eradicate those detrimental habits, and begin to build a positive foundation on which to base positive decision-making skills. It does so by helping young men recognize the error and danger of their negative decisions  and behaviors, and identifying how those actions hurt themselves, their families, and the community in which they live.

Camp Victory accepts boys ages 8-17 who currently exhibit behavioral problems at school or at home. These behavioral problems may also include social or emotional issues. Because of its short duration, boys are not accepted who have current problems with the law; past unlawful activities will not prohibit a boy�s entry into the program, but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the administration.

The following is a list of common characteristics of the type of boy who would benefit from this program: 


a)      Strong-willed and disrespectful;

b)      Not achieving academically to his full potential;

c)      Uncooperative with parents and/or teachers;

d)      Needs self-motivation and discipline;

e)      Lacks self-respect and social skills;

f)        Lacks self-confidence;

g.) Lacks self esteem;

h.) Interested in a military career;

i.) Needs to begin to live a healthy lifestyle;

j.) ADD, ADHD, ODD or other diagnosis.

k.) Makes bad decisions

  These will open in your browser then simply right click and save target as or you may print them out. You may then mail them with  your enrollment fee to: Camp Victory Military Adventures             

638 SW Biltmore Street Port St Lucie, Florida 34983 Or you may fax it to 772-878-8160.

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Camp Victory Military Adventures 

638 SW Biltmore Street Port St Lucie Florida, 34983


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